IGLA English Studying Abroad Program

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Let us help connect you to the world! At IGLA English Language Program we believe in helping students develop their English language skills whatever their goals and different skill levels. By studying our general-purpose English course in Egypt and professional-purpose English course in USA You will be able to communicate more effectively and achieve your language goals and ambitions whatever they may be.

English for General Purposes (EGYPT)

Listening Strategies

Whether listening to a news broadcast, or a song, or engaged in a conversation, we require listening skills that help us actively evaluate the information being shared. This course helps you develop these critical listening skills and strategies so that you can understand and remember spoken English more effectively.



Good pronunciation is key to ensuring that people understand what you are saying. Following an initial assessment of your pronunciation abilities, this course will work on developing your pronunciation awareness and skills in order to help you be understood, increase accuracy and become more fluent.


Refine Your Grammar I

Grammar provides the structure to language.  This course addresses the most problematic points of English grammar with the goal of improving your ability to communicate intelligently and clearly. You will analyze structure and meaning as well as have the opportunity to practice those grammar points in authentic activities.


Refine Your Grammar II

Refine Your Grammar II complements Refine Your Grammar I.  This course takes an in-depth approach to looking at the difficult areas of grammar in a practical manner.  It is designed for those in either business or academic environments who wish to understand and practice using structures that often cause difficulty in written communication.


Speak Up

Through conversations and discussions of general topics and current events you will develop your speaking and listening skills in a relaxed classroom setting alongside other learners. By applying what you learn inside the classroom, you will develop your confidence to interact successfully outside the classroom.


Speaking Accurately

Grammatical errors can obscure the best ideas. Learn to speak accurately in order to interact in a variety of everyday, academic or professional situations. This course focuses on sentence-level grammar with stress on accuracy.


Writing Essentials I

Don’t let poor grammar stand in the way of clear, sophisticated writing. Improve your understanding of grammar and practice it in authentic writing tasks. This course provides a solid foundation for effective written communication.


Writing Essentials II

Writing Essentials II continues the work you began on developing your writing skills in Writing Essentials I.  The skills this course will help you develop are applicable to both workplace and academic writing.


English for Professional Purposes (USA)

USA Workplace Culture and Communication

Many newcomers become frustrated because they have no way to learn the unwritten rules for effective workplace interpersonal and group communications in Canada. This course is designed specifically to meet the needs of internationally educated professionals.  It teaches the essential communication skills required to survive and succeed within a diverse, highly competitive Canadian workplace.


Professionally Speaking

Strong oral communication is important for success in the workplace. Explore a range of practical and professional business skills including how to contribute effectively during meetings, lead meetings, develop American presentation style and improve your social small talk and performance at networking events.


Professional Writing

Gain confidence in your writing for business and professional purposes. This course will give you an overview of the major formats and styles of written business communication paired with guidance for writing persuasively and clearly.

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